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“The Living Trinity Mediation”
Tuesday Dec, 25th 2012 The “Living Trinity Meditation” is a Living Prayer as it is backed up by the Divine Willpower of your Highest GOD Self, reinforced by the Deliberate Intent of you Higher SOUL Self and results in the Living Incarnate Manifest Experience based on our every desire and aspiration. There is a process of looking within to expand your conscious awareness, to merging those higher aspects of your BEING; your Higher Soul Self and Highest God Self with your lower five aspects; the Physical, Emotional, Astral, Causal and Mental bodies. ALL THAT YOU ARE must come into balance. The personal process of ascension is different for everyone. And you must begin to recognize this balance as a trinity in every aspect of your BEING and ALL THAT IS, starting with Father God/Mother God and YOU. This trinity is everywhere, such as in the Sun, the Moon and Gaia. It is the Divine Masculine, the Divine Feminine and Conceived Child. It is your Divine Will as through your Sacred Mind, your Deliberate Intent as through your Sacred Heart and the resulting Living Incarnate Manifestation. It is in the WISDOM of your Highest GOD Self, The LOVE of your Higher SOUL Self, and the POWER of BEING in your "I AM Presence". You must recognize the KNOWING that is the Light, the FEELING that is the Love and embody them within the Joy of your BEING, and in this synergy, you truly initiate your Ascended Mastery and obtain the formula to unlocking the secrets of all the Cosmos. The Holy Trinity is WITHIN YOU! This time is about YOU and your personal journey to self mastery. Your job is to BE! -Be a beacon of light and to focus on YOU and your personal experience. Continue looking within your heart and Ask! Ask all those questions that you seek answers to and ABSOLUTE TRUTH will be provided for you. You are integrating the Divine Will of your God Self, discerning your Soul's Deliberate Intent and becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE -A Cosmic BEING! There is an overwhelming force of pure Light(KNOWING) and Love(FEELING) that you must now allow to poor into your incarnate BEING, all in a specific order and pace, individual to your personal experience and overseen by your Higher Self. As your Free Will is now transmuting into a Divine Will expression of Prime Creator/Spirit/Source/God, you must take great care of guiding your own awareness into an expansion of BEING! And Unconditional Love is balancing the Highest Self/SPIRIT(KNOWING) with the Higher Self/SOUL(FEELING) and then bringing those inner/higher dimensional aspects down into your incarnate nature, creating a Trinity of KNOWING, FEELING & BEING or in other words, SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY. This state of "BEING" is Unconditional Love Incarnate! Mastering this Trinity within as a "Living Meditation" will bring your personal ascension process rapidly forward! But you MUST rise above the old Brain-Based Programming, summon your Divine Willpower, once again THINKING through the Sacred Mind and then begin FEELING with your Deliberate Intent of the Sacred Heart before you can truly begin manifesting a different outcome from your current stagnation in which you may find yourself recycling those very same energetic patterns again and again, one day after another. You are NOT a robot! Why do you accept that "bad dream" as your fate?! YOU choose your experience! You must detach from those programmed labels stating that you are anything less than an infinitely powerful creator being and return to your natural state of BEING once again. And when YOU ARE PRESENT in that "Now Moment" you really and truly are an unconditional loving BEING.  And in this state of BEING, in Unconditional Love, you will also find that you have regained your Faith, which will then begin returning to your daily experience, not only Faith in your connection to your Higher Self/SOUL, but especially Faith in your connection to your Highest Self/SPIRIT/God.  Faith is retaining this Knowing within that all our desires and aspirations will be fulfilled through the power of Nature and/or the Laws of the Universe. Faith is one of those things that simply cannot be learned, or taught. It can only be experienced, or chosen through your connection to Divine Willpower and your Deliberate Intent. Just as with happiness, Faith is a choice, but more than simply choosing to be happy, it requires much more than the absolute loving acceptance of ALL THAT IS. Faith is surrendering to the Knowing that your happiness will indeed continue beyond the "Now Moment" allowing us to truly become ALL THAT WE ARE. So there you have it, between YOUr Divine Willpower and YOUr Deliberate Intent, you are each an Infinitely Powerful Creator Being that manifests ALL THAT YOU ASPIRE TO BE as an Individual Incarnate Expression of Prime Creator. This "Living Meditation" is a state of BEING in balance with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT YOU ARE and in practice, this can be achieved in YOUr every present "Now Moment" as YOUr natural state of BEING/Becoming a Cosmic Being. This “Living Meditation” involves YOUr God Self, YOUr Soul Self and YOUr Incarnate Self. YOUr DNA activations, YOUr Akashic History, YOUr Emotional Blocks, etc.. are all personal and individual to YOU! Sure, perhaps you can have someone tell you another aspect of YOUrSELF, but until you truly remember for YOUrSELF, it is useless information. Why would you pay money for information that you must eventually remember in your own time regardless? Until you truly begin looking within and Trusting in YOUr own intuition and Inner SELF, you will not ascend as that IS ascension, my dear friends. It is a process of looking within YOUrSELF. Nowhere in this process is there a need for another being as each and every individual is responsible for their own Ascension, their own Mastery and their own Free Will to call upon their Guides and Angels for assistance. It is time to take advantage of the incredible energies flowing throughout Gaia and to reunite with one’s Soul Self through their journey back to Spirit. ..all my love and adoration, Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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