“Hello my lovely and beautiful friends!” As each pedal of the flower we are, we are also the flower, residing hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. As each flower we are, we are that branch of the tree carrying new buds of divine nature within. As each branch of the tree we are, we are a family as a part and piece of a Tree of Learning. And so what do we know on the Tree of Knowledge if not accountable for each pedal that we are, each flower yet still blooming, each branch carrying the weight that we are, but each and every seed that falls, yet rises again as an ever birthing tree of wisdom. If we do not hold in honesty and integrity, the temperance of time, how then does the very gravity of our nature fill the emptiness or wholeness of our hearts, accounting for the infinity that we are here and now holding together space and time? You do not have to wait for a Galactic Alignment to "ascend" as it has been said, or as I like to say, claiming your Divine Willpower. My goal is to help you to fully incarnate the love and light of both Spirit and your Higher Self into your body -to help you become a true cosmic being. If this sounds exciting to you, please click the “Like” button above! And check out my Advanced Guided Meditation Series for some very powerful meditation techniques that will help rapidly accelerate each one’s personal ascension process. In my blogs and videos, I provide many proven solutions as I channel Spirit as Eternal Scribe to help you begin talking to your angels, guides and Higher Self, along with providing fully comprehensive information about our multidimensional nature, from how all our individual bodies are changing, to how the inner/higher dimensions are structured and how the expansion of our consciousness all fits together.  As one begins including the full spectrum multidimensional parts and pieces of their beings within their awareness, it becomes much more fulfilling, and much easier to find new techniques in truly feeling once again beyond just the physical body, and in healing the core self. Through Meditation/Prayer, one can strengthen, rebuild and create new physical structures ultimately changing the whole of the BEING, thus completing our natural intended state of being, becoming a living incarnation of the Higher Self and an individual expression of Prime Creator. Rather than meditating on nothingness, or emptiness, why not try focusing with Deliberate Intent on your physical and multi-dimensional bodies and then see what happens? Summon your Divine Willpower and see how fast one can begin speaking to the angels -hearing your own personal guides and Higher Self. This is not something that is out of reach, my friends. And with these cosmic energies of the Galactic Alignment coming in at an exponential curve, you too can do this! It only takes Deliberate Intent, Divine Willpower, and an absolute loving acceptance without judgment of ALL THAT YOU ARE and ALL THAT IS. Summon your Divine Willpower and become the Master of your own Thoughts and Emotions and you will regain your divine right to return to source as a living incarnation and once again experience unconditional love in each and every given moment. What is Divine Willpower? Do you know how many of Heavens soldiers have incarnated on planet Earth only to fall into self doubt? Yes, there is a call being broadcast for you to come back home -to finish the mission -to become an incarnation of the highest self! Yes, that means you! The likelihood of you visiting this site otherwise is slim. The likelihood of you reading this is otherwise nonexistent. Love is all powerful, all cleansing... in truly loving the body... self emanating from the Christ heart, one begins to clean and purify the entirety of their whole being. Good thing you are made entirely of love... right?! 2012 is all about kicking the rest of the garbage out of the body. You must stand up and fight off these forms of pollution. It is a choice to be "of love" and "in love" with constant reaffirmations. In practice, you can eliminate anything that leads to self doubt. And the angels will help you keep pure --IF your intent is always in this direction. All you need to do is ask them to help guide your decisions. Unconditional love is balancing SPIRIT(Knowing) with the Higher Self/SOUL(Feeling) and bringing those both down into each our own individual bodies as a Trinity of SPIRIT, SOUL & BEING. That is Unconditional Love Incarnate, my dear friends... and Mastering this Trinity within as a "Living Meditation" will bring your personal ascension process rapidly ahead. ♥ Jacob Read Full Blog/Channel HERE!Understanding the Simplicity of Ascension: “The Living Trinity Meditation” The Holy Trinity Is Within YOU! And please understand that even with the simplicity of this information, There is No Easy Button. We must all do the work! ♥ Jacob
My goal is to empower you, to bring in the light and power of your soul into the body, becoming one in wholeness fulfilling your birth right as a true cosmic being, feeling love of life and new levels of joy that will astound you as it enters your comprehension! Through use of my tools and meditations, you will quickly learn to bridge that gap between the Highest Self and the Body, ultimately fully incarnating the soul into the body, moving beyond those denser vibrational frequencies of the 3rd and 4th dimensions.
Jacob Infinite Love & Gratitude "Absolute Truth and Abundance are as FREE and Easily Obtained as the Air you Breathe!” “It Is Found Within YOU(r Heart)! Laying Dormant, Waiting For You To Unlock These Gifts!"
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