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Miracle Healing is Energy In Motion
Saturday Mar, 1st 2014 Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. We are all miracle healers! In a “Living Meditation” guided by our “Living Prayer” we are master healers, always learning, but always mastering how to heal our bodies. Our bodies are constantly replenishing; atoms replacing atoms and in this cycle of life, our bodies heal more rapidly than one can imagine. It is (E)Motional healing; “Energy In Motion” Being at peace with ones self, so WITHIN and so THROUGHOUT all that we are engaged in and entangled in, we must master our Energetic Expression of Time and Space. This is our E=MC2 relative to all that we are, all that we have been and all that we intend to become. Manifest the most Divine Intentions of our future self and become that in FREEDOM of BEING. E – Energy, M – Mass, C – Speed of Light, 2 – Two Hearts This Energy is our Astral Self. It is an expression of Two Hearts; our physical heart and our Soul Heart or Higher Self(Silly term). Whether we are still, relaxed or moving about, our Energy/Astral Self is always and constantly moving at the speed of light, relative to the time and space we are in. Time exists everywhere and is part of us as multidimensional cosmic beings of the rainbow. Whether we are occupying past incarnations, future incarnations, or simply BEING “right now” we are occupying that time relative to that space we exist in as Eternal Souls. And we exist at all times and occupy that space WITHIN and so THROUGOUT. Become that which you are as multidimensional cosmic self and embrace the rainbow that is the 12 Ray Sonic and Light Soul Star System that we all are. We are “the rainbow”, just like nature such as Mother Gaia, just like the Solar System and so throughout all that is. We only need to reflect that which is, that which we are and that which we choose to become, as WITHIN a “Living Meditation” and so THROUGHOUT embracing that all pervasive, ever expansive Cosmic Divinity. Living in ABUNDANCE, void of fear, we do not fear time, we do not fear space, we do not fear that which we are, that which we have been and most certainly that which we will become. That is our “Living Prayer” –our “Divinity” which is the purity of our Awareness; our Divine LIGHT and the Infinitely Unconditional LOVE of our Soul Hearts. Understanding the Alchemic process of our BEING rests in KNOWING the Divine LIGHT of MOTHER / FATHER GOD and embracing the INFINITELY and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of our SOUL HEARTS. Everyone heals at their own pace, but what is a “Miracle”? Don’t we grow our bodies all our lives, from infancy, to adulthood? Don’t we manifest atoms to fill our angelic DNA code as we live though our lives? Don’t we heal our wounds on our own? We cut our finger and two days later, it is all well and good, is it not? Stay in your Divinity, dear brothers and sisters and watch the miracles happen! Beyond the Awareness of Divinity, we only need to master our incarnate BEING to do so. Our incarnate BEING is an expression of our Awareness/Divinity. So be calm and collected in the Conscious and Sub- conscious nature of our Mentality, understand the Energy of the Astral Expression of our Soul Heart and those signals that are shone through that Energy manifesting there within our Ethereal/Emotional body. This is the Alchemic mastery of healing, dear brothers and sisters. I love you all so very much. I am honored to be here with you and to be part of all this process of healing ALL THAT WE ARE. ♥ Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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