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Jacob Fischer Planetary/Spiritual Healer In loving support of the Divine Plan “Allow the image to load(4.3MB)                        . . . and enjoy! Follow the instructions below to maximize the effects of this Encoded Image Meditation.
F11 To Fullscreen Rainbow Color Relax Your Entire Body Clear Your Aura - Feeling Open Space All Around Your Body Sit In A Natural Spinal Alignment Intensely Focus At The Crown of YOUR Head! Imagine An Energetic Portal Opening/Blooming Atop The Crown of the Head. Feel This Center Filling With All The love of YOUr Entire Being! Allow YOUr Ever Greater Love To Expand Throughout Your Aura Centering Your Vision at the Golden Glow Around the Head of the Figure In the Image!!! Allow The Rainbow Waterfall of Life, ALL THAT YOU ARE, To Enter And Fill Your Entire Body With This Golden Light! Feel This Golden Halo Building All Around Your Head! Ask Your Angels To Assist You In This Opening Process! Enjoy the Light and Love That You ARE!
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