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The Absolute Truth About Body / DNA Activations
Dear Hearts, It is disappointing to me when I see those gifted ones among the Ground Crew charging such astronomical fees to do Starseed/DNA Activations when in fact, it is only YOU, the individual, your Higher Self that has this control and power. What so many do not understand is that it is within yourselves to do these activations. Why would you give this power away to any other person?! -And it only takes two things; BOTH of which are part of your multidimensional nature. The 1st is your connection to your Highest Self or your God Self and that is your Divine Willpower. The other is your connection to your Higher Self or your Soul Self which is the expression of your Deliberate Intent. It is the KNOWING of God as through your Sacred Mind and your true Soul's FEELING as through your Sacred Heart that unlocks ALL these so called "Starseed/DNA Activations" of which are absolutely already within each and every one of us as little light packets within our brains and bodily structures and you need for no other than to seek within yourselves to activate these dormant aspects of your full spectrum, multidimensional nature as a Cosmic Beings. Beloveds, do not surrender your FREE WILL to that of another. The power to heal is within you all. We are ALL GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. Now you ask, is this all true?! And if so, I’m sure you would like to understand why so many charge such astronomical fees for a service they are not even doing, nor is there any way for them to prove or disprove this. Or is there? Yes there certainly IS a way to KNOW within yourself and I suggest you check out my Purity Check for invaluable tools to discern whether any healer or individual has the highest good intentions for you and for the greatest good of all. The ABSOLUTE TRUTH in this matter as there are no manipulations or trickery aloud into the ascended planes. So why do these healers charge so much? Well they do, because they can -because people pay them. That is their free will choice to follow the old paradigm, but this only empowers and strengthens the denser vibrations of the old world in which one seeks out abundance in forms of material and/or monetary value. All the while in the ascended planes, the true form of abundance manifests as an expansion of ALL THAT IS which comes in forms of friendship, kindness, giving, etc.. as there is simply no use for money in the inner planes. And those healers who are grasping for an attachment to monetary gains not only stunt their own spiritual growth, but they directly slow the very expansion of the cosmos and in this case as they're literally fueling an oppressive system that is fading into oblivion. So long as these people chose to stay in this 3rd/4th dimensional capitalist mindset of monetary greed, they will never be ascending, because Spiritual Law states that THERE MUST NEVER BE PLACED A PRICE ON TRUTH for one thing and there will eventually come a time where these people will be forced to either play according to the rules or be taken to another world in which they will have the opportunity to sort out their duality in their own time. Now don't get me wrong here. Money is absolutely still part of the world and abundance can certainly come in the form of money, but not at the expense of others. Monetary Abundance must be a result of 1st an embodiment of a Vibrational and an Energetic Exchange of Abundance. That is the difference here. The way Healing truly works is that YOU must choose to heal yourself. It is absolutely true that others can fill you full of light and energize you with their resonating healing love, but this is essentially like giving someone a powerful hug and if you truly want healing beyond a temporary vibrational increase in energetic frequencies, it must come from an inner reflection within your own being. Please do not give away your power, dear ones. That is the trick of these healers as they hold their own gifts for ransom, because they do indeed make others feel better, but that feeling wears off even over time and so the individual seeks out healing once again, offering up more money to feel good once again. It is a trick that even most healers truly do not fully understand as they have adopted the very oppressive system that keeps so many looking outside of themselves for TRUTH and empowerment and I can assure you that is not how healing works! All that you seek is within your very own hearts! The way I do my healing is truly all about the empowerment of the individual. Not only do I understand the grander picture of how we are structured as spiritual beings, but there is far more than a simple energy exchange between beings during my live healing sessions as I teach you the process of what I am doing by reflecting the Highest GOD Self nature of who you truly are back upon you. This can feel greatly empowering, but as I explain to you how to match those magnetic resonance healing sensations within your own being, you will not only learn any life lessons that you are seeking out assistance for this day, but you will take with you the ability to heal aspects of yourself and others at any given time for the rest of your life. We are ALL HEALERS! IT TRULY IS YOU that does the healing as this affirmation must be made and understood that it is within your FREE WILL that you choose to accept this power within your BEING, or else the healing effects may not last beyond the extent of any residual energy left over from the exchange of abundance shared between us during the session. All I do is act as a divine light holding a mirror and reflecting this light that you have always been. I explain and teach those tools and techniques I use while we are in an interactive "Living Meditation" and so when I am working on sharing whichever necessary specific frequency of magnetic resonance with you, I discuss the deeper issues with you that caused those imbalances and we reflect on those emotions together, but as I said, it is TRULY YOUR acceptance of ALL THAT YOU ARE, your willingness to truly see YOU, in humility without judgment, your choosing to look upon all those things that perhaps you might have not been so willing to accept within yourself before the process of reflecting upon your Highest GOD Self that truly opens up the healing process. And the beauty about those that I work with is that in just one or a few life changing sessions, they then have all those tools and understanding to heal themselves. That is truly empowering another, okay.  Now is the time to look within! See, as we are in meditation/prayer, we are all feeling specific sensations, individual to each our own experience. These are upgrades to your DNA, changing the very density and vibrational resonance of ALL THAT YOU ARE, and in this case, your Physical Incarnate Manifest Body. We do not need anyone, or anything outside of us, but our own selves to unlock and to activate ALL THAT WE ARE. Ascension is an individual and personal experience that is vastly different and specific to each and every single being as we each have our own individual lives, our individual personality and our individual Karmic history to clear and balance. You do not have to be special to do these things. We are ALL special. We are ALL healers. And I have indeed proven this over and over, again and again with countless clients as I have empowered them with the ability to heal as through meditation / prayer.  We are all GOD, experiencing ITSELF as ITSELF. And we already have our guides and Angels waiting to assist us. Your own intuition will always provide you with that most accurate truth. Yes, of course it is most important to ask your own self through your own heart 1st and to trust in this beyond that of any other source, as this really truly IS where ABSOLUTE TRUTH exists, but it is still important to ask for help. We are moving into a time where all our brothers and sisters will be equally overjoyed to assist one another at the drop of a hat, but nobody likes to be "told" anything. That is why it is important to ask, because asking opens the door for that energetic exchange of Spirit. This is what True Abundance is! ALL THAT IS; providing all the answers you seek through the overwhelming and unconditional love of Spirit that flows within each of us. The more you ask your own Higher SOUL Self, the more you can then tap into your Highest GOD Self -the more you begin to both embody and channel Spirit. And yet the more you ask others for assistance, the more Spirit flows through those that choose to answer your call. So you see, you do everyone a great service by asking for assistance, whether you are tapping into ABSOLUTE TRUTH as through your own GOD SELF, or inspiring another to shine through their GOD SELF, each and every time you do so ASK, you are expanding the cosmos with the love and light of Spirit/Source/Creator/God. It is only those feelings of unworthiness that holds you back from ALL THAT YOU ARE. ASK ASK ASK! -AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN! So long as you are asking from the heart, in grace and humility, your answers may come from your guardians, your guides, a specific Angel, your Higher Self or even a friend, but that's the beauty of asking; you may just ask a question that someone else has not yet thought to ask and in doing so, you are gifting them the abundance of knowing more of ALL THAT IS all the same. Yet there are still so many that put a monetary value on Truth and in doing so, they surrender their humble nature to greed and place themselves back into the very prison system that by Divine Authority, is being removed from this world and such greed only exists within the minds of those refusing to release their own attachments to duality. These ones are not true Healers. This time is about YOU and your personal journey to self mastery. Your job is to BE! -Be a beacon of light and to focus on YOU and your personal experience. Continue looking within your heart and Ask! Ask all those questions that you seek answers to and ABSOLUTE TRUTH will be provided for you. You are integrating the Divine Will of your God Self, discerning your Soul's Deliberate Intent and becoming ALL THAT YOU ARE -A Cosmic BEING! There is an overwhelming force of pure Light(KNOWING) and Love(FEELING) that you must now allow to poor into your incarnate BEING, all in a specific order and pace, individual to your personal experience and overseen by your Higher Self. As your Free Will is now transmuting into a Divine Will expression of Prime Creator/Spirit/Source/God, you must take great care of guiding your own awareness into an expansion of BEING! Through consistent meditation/prayer, you are receiving a great deal of light codes that are breaking open and unlocking the many dormant light packets in your brain and bodily structures, ultimately upgrading your DNA. Take time to examine these new aspects of your being. Continually seek deeper within and ask your Higher Self what those new feelings and sensations mean to your personal experience and you will begin to gain great clarity and remember who you are/who you have been. You will begin to trust in your instinctual process of once again discerning your emotions as the signals they are to unlocking your inner most true feelings. Each breakthrough of understanding that comes to you whether in meditation or simply going about your day then becomes part of a new and renewed YOU. This process unlocks an exponential wave of expansion within you such as a long line of dominoes falling down as each breakthrough piece that falls against the next is knocking on the door of yet another breakthrough waiting to BE -waiting to be opened -waiting to become part of you! So many look upon the unlocking process of ascension as a great task in picking up the many missing pieces of your being as a whole, but the process does not have to be a struggle by any means! It is meant to be a beautiful and joyous expression of returning to Spirit, so let those pieces simply fall into you as naturally as gravity, my friends. Then ask what those next set of sensations and emotional signals means to you each time they arise. Ask from the heart and from a place of grace and humility and in your own instinctual process of discernment, you will reintegrate more and more of ALL THAT YOU ARE. Now is the time to truly look within with absolute loving acceptance and openness to what you uncover as some of it will be difficult to assimilate, however ALL of it will return you to the natural resonance of the love and light that is your Highest GOD Self; the most difficult to accept aspect of our BEING, as this shows us our past mistakes, but what makes this Highest Aspect of our BEING so difficult to look at is that it creates an emotional uneasiness within us which is the process of self-judgment as through an inner reflection of our Highest GOD Selves and in this constructive judgment, each and every mistake we make teaches us a new level of mastery on our personal journey in ascension, IF we are willing to transmute those darker aspects of ourselves back into resonance with our Higher Selves. That is why it is so important to ask from the heart in grace and humility as those of us humble in nature can much more easily learn through the expansion of ALL THAT WE ARE, but those who do not remain humble, do not expand anything other than the very shackles they’ve accepted for themselves. While each and every one of us are in our Lord's loving embrace, we are always forgiven before we ever made any of those mistakes, so through the process of self-judgment, we must find forgiveness and acceptance of ourselves in ALL THAT WE ARE. And in this humility, we discover our sovereignty and reclaim our birthright as Cosmic Beings. All my love and adoration, Jacob Please consider “Sharing” this page with your friends and family. Or you can “Like” Divine Willpower at the top of the page.
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