Please “Like” For FREE Guided Meditation Videos! - - - - - - - - - >  Hello, my friends! These videos are coded and layered on multiple channels, all together containing a living source of information which will help those choosing to heal and to empower their bodies. These videos will provide a bridge to allow new information to flow through to you from a timeless source of divine love that you can very easily follow along and your personal angels will provide you with any necessary information and updates within your body in those moments -as explained in the videos. The more often you can vibrate these higher frequencies, the more information you can receive. Rather than focusing on nothingness, or emptiness, why not try focusing with divine intent on your physical and multi- dimensional bodies and then see what happens? See how fast one can begin speaking to the angels, hearing your own personal guides. This is not something that is out of reach, my friends. And with these cosmic energies of the Galactic Alignment coming in at an exponential curve, you can do this all the more easy! It only takes intent, and focus, and a love of the body, in absolute acceptance without judgment of all the wonderfulness that you are. Summon your Divine Willpower! Take back control of your own thoughts and feelings with these free powerful guided meditations as arranged by myself and with the help of the angels! Many of the people that I have worked with have mentioned the joy they get out of listening to these meditations as they sleep. These MP3 versions are condensed down to the meditations themselves and do not contain the full explanations that they videos do. Please consider "Like"ing this highest aspect of our "Being" on Facebook or by "Sharing" any of my Blogs and/or Videos with your friends! Please click the link in the banner above to help spread awareness.                           Please consider Donating Any Amount! Keep this Sacred Geometry Available to All Humanity!  
Guided Meditation of Highest Self FREE - Download The MP3 Audio of this Meditation Love is all powerful, all cleansing. In truly loving the body... self emanating from the core, one begins to clean and purify the mind and the rest of the body. Good thing you are made entirely of love and joy and beauty, right?! This meditation will help you bring in the light of your highest self into your body and show you how to hold onto it allowing for a massive influx of all the wonderfulness that you are to flow.
Guided Meditation of Grounding FREE - Download the MP3 Audio of this Meditation It has been forgotten by so many that all things of nature are directly inter-connected to us. Take a tree for example; Where does it get it’s divine power? From divine light source above. But where does it get it’s strength -How does it grow? By rooting into the ground, soaking up minerals and water. We are built the same way. This video will guide you through the process of rooting into the Earth and anchoring the most physical aspects of your being helping to rebuild stronger physical structures within the body.
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 Advanced Meditation of Unity Consciousness The “New YOU Attunement” FREE - Download the MP3 Audio of this Meditation As one begins including the full spectrum multidimensional parts and pieces of their beings within their awareness, it becomes much more fulfilling, and much easier to find new techniques in feeling once again, and in healing the core self. By anchoring in, feeling your roots, one can strengthen, rebuild and create new structures within the physical body allowing the light and power of your higher bodies to have a better physical foundation to then fill the core self with the light of one's highest self, thus completing our natural intended state of being.
I AM THAT I AM - An Affirmation Tool/Meditaion FREE - Download the MP3 Audio of this Meditation Becoming a Cosmic Being just became even easier with this affirmation tool! Download this incredibly powerful meditative tool to help reprogram your thoughts to the deliberate intent of a Cosmic Being! The downloaded audio loops the affirmation 3 times for a total 8 minutes. YOU CAN EVEN LISTEN AS YOU SLEEP! Please check out the description under the video that came in from source as I finished the writing the last line of the affirmation to learn the true nature of unconditional love.
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